432 Abercorn Street

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Do you have a paranormal experience or photos of the haunted house at 432 Abercorn Street in Savannah to share? Email them to me and I will post them here!

432 Abercorn Street

432 Abercorn Street

Of all the ghost stories in Savannah, Georgia, the haunted house at 432 Abercorn Street is one of the most recent stories to gain popularity. I first learned about the house on the Scary Ghost Tour, and later featured it in my book, Georgia Spirits and Specters. A surprisingly high number of people have had paranormal experiences at that house, and there are few who don’t get a feeling of evil forboding there.

When I posted a blog entry about a strange anomaly in a photo of the house at 432 Abercorn, I had no idea that so many people were on the Internet looking for information about the house. This page is a chance for you to learn the stories and share your own. Let’s get some conversations going and find out what’s happening at this mysterious house!

The Legend

Read about the history of 432 Abercorn and the legends surrounding this haunted house.

Shared Experiences

Learn about others’ experiences at 432 Abercorn, and submit your own photos and stories.

44 Responses to 432 Abercorn Street

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  3. Keith Savage says:

    RE: 432 Abercorn Street.

    If you go to Google Maps (or Google Earth, but the imagery is very distorted), you will find an ORB in the courtyard to the right of the house. You are technically on East Gordon street, looking across the road at the tall ironwork fence surrounding Abercorn’s yard. The glow appears to be floating in midair, with no obvious reflection-causing surfaces around. Nor does the glow appear to be “on something.” Reflections, no matter what is casting them, have to have a surface to “land on”- but this one doesn’t! It seems the Google “street-level” mapping van caught an orb as it drove by the house. Be safe and have fun.

    Best wishes,

  4. Beth Dolgner says:

    Oh, I definitely see what you are talking about. I also noticed an odd anomaly to the upper left: a blurry white patch in front of a tree. I wish the Google Maps pics were higher resolution so we could REALLY zoom in!

  5. Kelly V. says:

    I was in Savannah this past week and found your website, so of course got obsessed with this house! However, when we visited the second floor had curtains and the entire front of the house had what looked like new shutters. Therefore you couldn’t even try to see anything that all the other photos on here showed, which was a bummer! How long ago were these things added and by whom?

  6. Beth Dolgner says:

    Hi Kelly. The windows were covered in the summer of 2011 following vandalism at the house. Someone broke the beautiful stained glass window in one of the front doors. It’s just so sad that someone would do that, and I can’t blame the owners for trying to protect their house. I think in many ways, though, it only makes people more curious.

  7. Richard Bunch says:

    I have gone on a couple of these “ghost tours” for fun and as always hear the tragic or scary stories associated with them but as always never see anythingat all to prove these homes or locations have “ghosts”. I just completed the 6th Sense tour in Savannah directed by Nicholas. Nicholas was articulate and entertaining but nothing was ever seen at the Abercorn house or any of the other locations other than the somewhat spooky appearance that is promagated by shadows of low light at night and the absence of lights inside the homes being used as the source of the ghost stories. I suggest any unlit house at night will generate the same spooky appearance. I really do try to keep an open mind, and will continue to do so, but other than these stories obviously being used to generate income for ghost tours, I see nothing at all to suggest any home in Savannah or anywhere else for that matter is haunted. Sorry ghost hunters. In my opinion, people who want to believe in ghosts will see whatver they want to see and are typically the same type of people who also believe that pyramids create energy and that they can speak to the dead via wigi (sic) boards and seances.

  8. Richard Bunch says:

    Thank you for posting my comments. I stand corrected.

  9. Beth Dolgner says:

    Hi Richard. I am always happy to hear from skeptics, so thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Like many bloggers, I have to manually approve comments because I get so much spam from bots. You posted your comments while I was on vacation and away from the computer. I am back at work now and catching up. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Savannah!

  10. Richard Bunch says:

    Beth, I absolutely loved Savannah and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to tour a beautiful, fascinating historic city. We will certaqinly return. I love to read and plan to read a lot more about Savannah. I also plan to download your books on my Kindle. Thanks for your open-minded approach to comments from people with different veiwpoints. Yes, I am a skeptic. Sometimes to a fault. I guess I owe that to my background of being a neuroscientist and clinician and therefore my views are often biased by traditional science. I would love to see or find proof of ghosts, particularly benevolent ones, as such findings would validate that there is life after death, at least in some sense.

  11. Richard Bunch says:

    Also, you may want to look at how to adjust your beautiful photo as it partially covers your responses.

  12. Beth Dolgner says:

    My mom moved to Savannah after she had visited there a few times, and she just loves it. Skepticism isn’t a bad thing: the best paranormal investigators are skeptical and go in to each investigation with the intent of debunking the claims. (As in, that knocking sound is just your air conditioning kicking on, not a noisy ghost.) My husband is a skeptic, and I really enjoyed finally investigating with him. Having that extra perspective can be really beneficial. I’ve certainly experienced things that I classify as paranormal, but I still can’t say for certain whether those things were caused by an actual disembodied spirit. Maybe there is some other explanation. The questions are what keep me searching, so I hope I never have all the answers.

  13. Alexis says:

    In the window the the right of the door you will also see a figure of what seems to be a little girl looking out.

  14. diane says:

    I have taken a walking ghost tour in Savannah and have felt one. I am a sensitive and feel them. I have for 50 years. I am a guide for amelia island ghost tours in Fernandina beach Florida.. check out our photos on our website:
    http://Www.ameliaislandghosttours.com. they are for real.

  15. Carmen says:

    Visited 432 today they have put up curtains on first floor. So fasinated with this house.

  16. Kelly Carter says:

    I have two engineering degrees, so am scientifically trained, and don’t believe in ghosts. Still, I lived in an old house in the backwoods of middle Tennessee and was witness to numerous odd happenings: sounds (e.g. footsteps at night), sightings of persons, friends having nightmares (e.g., accidental death of a child) about the house, etc. One night, I even experienced someone getting in bed with me, but when I turned over to see, there was no one there. In that case, I attribute it to a hypnagogic dream. The most difficult sighting to explain away was by a friend of mine in broad daylight. He saw a person (he gave me incredible details of appearance, clothing) walk through my home and thought it was a guest, not a ghost. He, I, and my roommate immediately surrounded the house before the “guest” could have had time to escape (there were only a very few possible escape paths). We searched the house top to bottom but found no one. We were thinking burglar not ghost. Anyhow, LOTS of unexplained occurrences that happened to people that were not the “type” to believe in ghosts. Can a house be “haunted”? What difference does your belief make when occurrences like described above DO happen?

    BTW–I highly, highly, highly recommend the short story “We Others” by Steven Millhauser. If ghosts do exist, this must be the definitive story of what it’s like to BE a ghost. Excellent writing even if you totally do not believe.

  17. Beth Dolgner says:

    Wow, Kelly, thank you for sharing! What odd experiences you had. I think people have very different reactions based on their beliefs, from “oh, it’s my imagination” to “there’s a disembodies spirit in my house.” I’ve experienced too many unusual things not to believe that there’s something going on, but in many cases I think it’s some kind of leftover energy and not an actual spirit. It seems like the more I read and experience, the more questions I have. I will have to check out the short story – thanks for the recommendation!

  18. Tim Godfrey says:

    I have been interested in the prospect of the paranormal for several years now. The only way I have entertained this interest as of yet is via what is televised and what’s on the internet. Unfortunately credibility is always an issue with a lot of the groups via these sources due to the fact that their evidence is tainted with monetary motivation. When you don’t get evidence…you don’t stay on tv. It’s that simple. If there is an issue with credibility, I stop watching the show…period. No second chances. I have been watching Zak, Nick, and Aaron exclusively for several years now, and they’ve yet to steer me away. Sure they’ve become corny victims of Hollywood a bit, but their evidence cannot be denied. Multiple angles or instruments of a single piece of evidence are a great way to stay on tv and keep me interested. My point is…The one thing that I’ve learned in following these guys is that an orb that is caught on a still picture simply cannot be labeled as paranormal…not even a little bit. I wouldn’t consider myself a skeptic. I just have to be really convinced that the piece of evidence, auditory or visual, cannot be debunked as any type of “natural” occurrence. And then there are the people who see faces in the orbs. This is when it gets really ridiculous. Mr. Bunch made a great point when he spoke of environmental conditions playing a large role in what people perceive to experience or see. I really believe I could find the face of Lucifer himself in the facing of that brick if I looked hard enough. In saying this…I have seen some great videos of orbs flying in unnatural patterns that are very compelling. I drove by 432 Abercorn a few nights ago, and I didn’t see or experience much of anything. I used an SB7 outside the residence, but unfortunately I didn’t get any audio licks. There was a light on in the residence that was illuminating the top windows. Is this place abandoned? Thanks.

  19. Beth Dolgner says:

    Thanks for your comments! Being a skeptic is a GREAT thing. And no, the house isn’t abandoned. I think it’s safer to say it’s in a holding pattern. A family still owns it, but I don’t know what their plans are. I truly hope it is restored and becomes a positive, happy place someday. It is a beautiful building.

  20. Scott Spencer says:

    I have read of such houses. Has anyone tried to bless or Exorcize the house of its evil, unclean or trapped spirits?

  21. Beth Dolgner says:

    Not that I’m aware of.

  22. adam says:

    I would love to own and. live in that beautiful home.

  23. Aurore says:

    Isn’t this something like some girl dying right in front of the window??? I saw something about it on Tumblr, but I wasn’t sure

  24. Julie says:

    hey :) I have a pic of the house, with the little girl, but my computer will not email it to you..
    so maby there is an other way.? :)
    I’m really love to show you the pic :)
    I hope you can help…

  25. Beth Dolgner says:

    Yes, there is a story about a girl dying in the window. However, there are a lot of stories about various people dying at the house. Which are actually true? I don’t know.

  26. Beth Dolgner says:

    Hi, Julie. If you have the photo posted anywhere online (Facebook, etc.), feel free to send me a link to it! Thanks!

  27. Rita says:

    Hi Beth,

    We ere there over Memorial holiday weekend and I took a few photos. Cool anomolaies and what looks like a shadowy figure of the girl in the basement. I took the pic from the outside and a full shadowy figure is looking directly at my camera. I posted it on my FB page, let me know how I can send it to you…

  28. Beth Dolgner says:

    Hi, Rita. I would love to see your photos! Can you email them to me? My email is beth (at) bethdolgner.com. Thank you!

  29. Rita Publico says:

    Hi Beth,

    I sent them to you. These pictures were not photoshopped in any way. I took them with my Canon 60D and all I did was lighten the exposure to see these images. Let me know what you think!


  30. susan says:

    I am from savannah and would love to see the picfure

  31. Kim says:

    I live here but for kicks, my daughter and I went on the Blue Orb Midnight Zombies tour with Tobias. He is the real deal not one of the tours around here that just has a memorized speal. He carries a tool with him so you can see the hot and cold areas. We were in the park with the house across the street from us. When he asked that we not go over there, he was serious. People on the tour would take pictures and you could see orbs and one of them had a shape of a girl in the cemetary. They were normal tourists and were surprised themselves to see it. Seemed real to me.

  32. Beth Dolgner says:

    Wow, even from across the street, it sounds like an interesting experience! Thanks for sharing!

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  35. Ashley says:

    I was on a tour at that house last night and got an interesting photo.
    My stepdad got an orb an I got what seems like a figure peeking out a door
    In the top right window you can see a head arm and body it’s creepy
    To bad thy have curtains but the two top windows didn’t last night

  36. Beth Dolgner says:

    Thanks for posting, Ashley! I’d love to take a look at the picture. Can you email it to me at beth (at) bethdolgner.com? Hope you enjoyed the tour!

  37. Crystal berleth says:

    I lives in savannah for about 4 years and became obsessed with this house for some reason. The original and true story of this house is that the original owners had 3 children. One night the mom dad and youngest daughter went out to dinner and left the two older children at home. The police records state that while at dinner the father excused himself and was gone for quite some time.he was talking to a younger man that was “ragged” looking. After he returned he insisted that they leave and go home. Once the family returned they saw their two daughters murdered on the front steps of the house. There were no witnesses nor any arrest made. They could never find the murderer. The after was a suspect not for murdering them but having some part in the case. The little girls are said to still be there to try to get the man who killed them. In this pic on the post above… There is a little girl in the window to the right of the front door and also on the second floor above the stairs. Center window.

  38. tamastar says:

    The house is not haunted guys. It is owened by a lady who doesn’t want to get it fixed because of personal reasons. These stories are supposed to attract tourists that’s all. There are no ghost’s… maybe you guys should see a psychologist… seeing stuff can be a mental issue and that is not a funny thing.

  39. Mark says:

    I went on the night tour and was told of the murders and mystery of this old house. I did some research recently and found that most of the stories told of this place are purely nonsense.


    Want to feel a Spirit? Go on a long walk in the woods or ocean shore, or wherever you’re at right now and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit! Totally awesome!

  40. Kristin W says:

    For some reason I am obsessed with haunted places. This is one of the places I would love to go!!

  41. Jim says:

    My girlfriend and I just visited Savannah this last weekend and took one of the walking “ghost tours”. Prior to the tour we had a couple hours and just walked around after dinner. If you are sensitive to other than the 5 senses that are quantifiable you can feel a “presence” in most of the city as we did. However, as we passed this particular house I felt a strong oppressive sadness that couldn’t be explained. After hearing about the house and history during the tour the feeling had somewhat more of a meaning given we didn’t know anything about any particular house ore area of the city before the tour. Still not scientific but convinced me.

  42. Beth Dolgner says:

    You can definitely feel that presence in Savannah! Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  43. Kelly Harris says:

    Hi Beth,
    My husband & I toured with Blue Orb tonight & I myself, was affected by this home. I downplayed a few photos taken but our guide was amazing….mixing the history &the 432 Abercorn haunting info. 3hours later we’re both still jumpy. After the tour we talked with our guide & he shared a photo from April of this year he’d taking. At this point I was in tears…as 4 photos I captured were exact matches. The same 4 “ghost girls were captured in my photos, taken seconds apart were exact matches. I walked up to the house to take them (before hearing the tale) & was terrified.

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